Custom Tailored Made Sports Jackets and Blazers

Custom Tailored Sport Coats, Jackets & Blazers

We are world-renowned for our expertise in the selection of fabrics especially for sport jackets and blazers. Naturally the care and attention in the cutting and tailoring of our customer's sport jackets is given as much attention to detail by our top team of cutters and tailors. Our blazers, whether single or double-breasted, provide smart casual and comfortable wear for business travel and other occasions.

While the blazer has its roots firmly planted in sport jacket history, subtle style differences make the two wardrobe pieces very distinct from one another. The difference between them is often misunderstood and their distinct boundaries are often muddled simply because neither a jacket nor a blazer has a matching pair of pants. Despite this similarity, however, there do exist major differences; mainly, a sport jacket is textured and oftentimes patterned, whereas a blazer is a solid color (usually navy or black), made of smooth fabric and is traditionally seen with naval-style brass buttons.

To avoid confusing the two styles any further, learn more about the differences between a jacket and a blazer; this way, you’ll avert any unbecoming fashion blunders, like showing up to your formal business meeting in a heavily patterned sport jacket and flannel trousers.

The best way to make a decision on what to buy is by assessing your intended uses and buying a jacket that suits your purpose. I will gladly help you make the right choice if you let me know where you intend to wear the jacket.

Select from the following fabrics:

English & Italian All Wools
English & Italian Silk Wools
English & Italian Tweed Wools
Cashmere & Cashmere Wools
Camel Hair