Custom and Bespoke Shirts and Suits

Custom TailoredMen's Shirts

Compliment your NobleHouse suits with a selection of Custom Tailored Shirts. Once we've measured and fitted you in a custom tailored shirt made especially for you, you'll never go back to department store shirts again.

We offer, at a surprisingly moderate cost, custom tailored and monogrammed shirts created from more than 2,000 distinctive fabrics imported from England, Italy, France, and Germany. Fabrics Our selection of fabrics for sports wear and sport shirts, perfect for business casual Fridays has been greatly expanded.

Measurements & Fit
Get measured by our Master Tailor, Mr. Vijay Wadhwani. He can also assist you in color coordinating your shirts with your suits. In addition to over 15 of your individual measurements, we take into consideration your posture, your shoulder slope and your wrist circumference. Our collars lie properly and the chest and waist fit is neither too tight nor too baggy. Our custom shirts are just that -- Customized to your preferences and your body.

Formal dress shirts, business, casual and sporting shirts You may select your own combination of styles:

  • Collar - Choose from various spreads and lengths of collar styles to suit your face and build.
  • Sleeve cuff - including French, two-button, one-button barrel, or convertible
  • Shirt front - plain, center-pleat or fly front
  • Shirt back - Ivy League or plain


Besides the individualization of its styling, the advantages of the custom-made dress shirt over one that is ready-to-wear can be found in its precise fit as well as the superior quality and taste of its fabrics. The most visible and important component of the dress shirt is its collar, and the bespoke process allows for one that is designed to best present the wearer’s face.

The fit of the dress shirt’s cuff to the wearer’s hand, its second most noticeable detail, is another area where the custom route is decidedly the higher of the two roads.

However, there are some aspects of shirt making that do separate the masters from the top makers. These details include special gussets to reinforce the shirt’s side seams where they meet at the hem bottom, pattern matching on the back yoke to the sleeve, hand-sewn buttonholes (found only in Europe), horizontal sleeve placket buttonholes, and extra-thick mother-of-pearl buttons.