Pants and Tailored Slacks

Custom Tailored Trousers, Pants & Slacks

We specialize in made to measure men's pants and trousers and offer a wide range of fabrics and styles to choose from. For formal business wear as well as for casual evening wear, we offer a vast variety of designs and cuts to suit all tastes and preferences.

We tailor slim cut, plain front snug fit trousers as well as ultra baggy multi pleated front and cuffed pants. Our designs can be used for formal wear to the office as well as for casual wear in the evenings out.

Plain fronts, single pleated, double pleated, reverse pleats, box and inverted box pleats as well as arrowhead pleats along with cuffed (turn ups) bottoms and straight bottoms are some of the options available.

Vertical, horizontal and slash pockets are other options along with baggy Italian cuts or straight cuts as well as the ultra slim mod pants type of cuts are made to measure in the right proportion for the perfect fit.

Our pants are half lined in the front to the knees in satin silks for a luxurious feel or can be fully lined to the cuffs on demand.

Gabardines, worsted wools, linens, cashmeres, cotton chinos and the draping Chinese silks are some of the most popular fabrics for our men's trousers.

Jeans made to measure are also offered as options to our clients who find perfect fitting jeans hard to come by.

We also offer custom tailored shorts and short pants for hot summers.

Heal Guards, crotch reinforcing panel and shirt 'gripper' waist bands are standard features on all our trousers.

Pleated pants look dressier and their fuller fronts provide greater comfort than plain-front trouser: hips widen when the wearer is seated, and with less wear to the trouser. Objects placed in a front pants pocket are better concealed within a pleated trouser than a pleatless one.

The classically designed pleated trouser has two pleats on either side of its fly - a deep one near the fly and a shallower one near the pocket to help keep the main pleat closed. This arrangement maintains the working relationship between the two pleats.

Cuffs give the trouser bottom weight, helping to define the pleat’s crease while maintaining the trouser’s contact with the shoe. Like any detail of classic tailoring, cuff width should be neither so narrow nor so wide that it call attention to itself. To provide the proper balance, the cuffs should be 1 5/8” for a person under five feet ten, 1 3/4 if he is taller.