Custom Tailored Men's Suits

Every NobleHouse suit is individually hand-cut -- an art we still value -- to your exact measurements and your style preferences. Upon completion, each suit is carefully checked by our master tailors, to maintain our high standards.

Custom Tailoring Mens Suits

Standard Features on All NobleHouse Custom Tailored Suits:

All button holes are hand-sewn with the finest silk thread – a keynote of quality workmanship.
Each suit is cut on individual paper patterns, based on 35 of your exact measurements. We save your unique patterns for your future orders. If you haven't changed sizes, a new custom suit is only a call or email away.
All jackets are fully lined with the highest quality fabrics, and slacks are lined when appropriate.
All seams are reinforced for maximum durability.

Choose your style:

Classic or contemporary, or create your own from a variety of options.
We can duplicate any garment, whether an old favorite suit or reproduce from any fashion magazine.

Things you can't afford:

to spend one day in an uncomfortable suit or shirt;
to buy a garment simply for its label;
to be passed from one department sales person to another;
to confuse style with fashion;
to own a closet full of forgettable clothes;
to confuse value with price;
to be "helped" by a salesperson on commission;
to sacrifice style, fit, or fabric tailoring;
to be less than well dressed